365 Album Covers

A project by Chicago-based designer,
Mike Duesenberg.

This project stems from a Facebook post that went around sometime back. Anyway, the general idea is:

1: http://bit.ly/3Wz6R7. The first random wikipedia article is the band name.

2: http://bit.ly/QbeDS. The last three to five words of the very last quote of the page is the album title.

3: http://bit.ly/zTOR. The third photo shown is the main photographic element of the cover.

4: Get dirty in Photoshop and Illustrator. Experiment, be quick and don't worry about making it perfect.

The Other Tumblr

I really should do more album covers. They’re fun and they keep me experimenting. Until I start again though, you should follow my other Tumblr, prosandcons.tumblr.com

Joiners Arms - As Well As The EarthPhoto (Damn, I forgot to save the photo link. Sorry.)

Joiners Arms - As Well As The Earth
Photo (Damn, I forgot to save the photo link. Sorry.)

A Restart of Sorts

January came and went. I started this blog when work was slow as a way to keep on creating. Well, work picked up and 365 Album Covers became neglected. My goal is to continue 365AC in some capacity. It definitely will not be a daily blog. Hopefully I can make several updates per week.

Besides time, another challenge I faced was the redundancy of the flickr database I was using. It tended to be filled with mostly vintage photos that felt repetitive. I hope to mix this up by collaborating with other artists, photographer and designers every now and then.

I also wanted to mention that I’ve appreciated the interest in this project. This concept was in no way my original idea. I was inspired to create this from other daily projects and it’s great to see that this has inspired others to do the same. Below are some links that mention/feature 365AC…

Smashing Magazine - Design Something Every Day!

Michael Forbis Design - blog post

Sparrow Sparrow - blog post

So, if you pay attention to this thing, something will be happening soon. Thanks!

Pay Attention…

…for the January relaunch.

Shin Sung Rok - Businesses Like AccountingPhoto

Shin Sung Rok - Businesses Like Accounting

The Exterminators - Pearls Beyond PricePhoto

The Exterminators - Pearls Beyond Price

Rayagiri - Never Look DownPhoto

Rayagiri - Never Look Down

1877 In Norway - Out Of It AlivePhoto

1877 In Norway - Out Of It Alive

Mint - Manner of DevotionPhoto

Mint - Manner of Devotion

Fukuoka17 - They Lose Their WorthPhoto

Fukuoka17 - They Lose Their Worth